My Mask sculptures are an expression of deep, powerful and pure emotion. The inspiration for Madonna in blue is based on an image of the Madonna with child in “The Old Church St Pancras” where my father’s funeral was held. This current day Madonna sculpted in porcelain and stoneware clay incorporates historical references inspired by Giovanni Bellini’s painting of “Madonna and Child with Saints, the Madonna St Pancras and a black and white image of the actress Sophia Loren in the 1970’s.

Creative play, imagery and seeking a transformation with materials through a love of colour and form, I explore the tensions within different clays allowing the materials to speak for themselves and to create works of art that resonate with the depth of the human spirit. It is the relationship between persona and mask that captures my imagination. A mask both defines and limits our self-image. The process of creative emergence is a process of energy expansion. The cracking of the masks and personal histories is a reordering of the self in a larger and more fluid form. Masks do crack which causes a sense of fragility. The three porcelain and stoneware sculptures express inner grief within the concave forms.  The masks are also religious icons for quiet contemplation.