I work with recycled papers found and collected over the years. These are painted, printed, stained, gilded with gold leaf and drawn onto. The gold is a rich material and symbolises the richness and profundity of memories. As a part of the intuitive collage process I incorporate fragments of image, text, letters of love and despair from my late mother and father. Part of my iconography are the books, poems, writings and letters my father kept and passed onto me.

My approach to working with paper and creating collage is to seek meaning through the use of personal imagery, embedding memories and fragments as an expression of the psyche. For myself as an artist, this layering process is linked with the idea of healing. This reparative role of art addresses individual as well as collective traumas and takes on a new significance in relation to the gIobal pandemic. I seek to express poetically the emotional states of mind of absence, loss and love with the potential for growth that passes through one generation to the next. Using colour, space, light, drawing and form I can trace time and place and create a woven thread of narrative to create a visual language that resonates poetically.