“My approach to painting is instinctual, energetic and bold with a love of powerful colour and gesture. The inspiration in my drawings and paintings and love of India in all it’s colours – beginning from early in life, has lead my work to resonate deeply with my Indian connection. My colour palette is imbued with India and the tropics. Experiencing there the ritual of flowers, animals, and shrines within a rural way of life in a tropical landscape enriched my understanding of the importance of being connected to a true self, where passion, fluidity, energy and openness of spirit is all expressed in the work. The wildness of the landscape provides a structure to express my own personal language of paint that has evolved over time, as I feel painting to be a language. The spontaneous gestures and subliminal images that emerge into my drawings and paintings are a powerful part of my everyday life and love of connection to Art History.”

Arabella Ross

I was born in Yorkshire 1959. My Father was an artist, filmmaker and photographer, and my Mother a ceramicist and linguist. My Step-Father was an English actor who was part of a family troupe working with the Prithvi Theatres, touring India from 1941-1956. I was brought up with the teachings of the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986), and aged 20 (fascinated with Indian culture, it’s life embedded in me,) I went to live in India for a year, working and travelling. Aged 33, I returned to India for three months on a scholarship funded by the British High Commission in Calcutta, to live and work with twelve Indian artists in an Artist’s village. In 2009 I trekked in the Himalayas from Ladakh with Rebecca Stephens – the first British woman to climb Mount Everest. India has always been a thread running throughout my life.

My Masters degree is in Fine Art Painting Chelsea School of Art (1985-1986).
I recently completed a two year intensive Ceramics Diploma at London’s City Lit 2015-2017. My work is installed in Private Collections in Vienna, Verbier, London, Paris, St Tropez, Aix-en-Provence, San Francisco & Tokyo. I am currently working towards a Solo Exhibition and Artist’s talk for 2020 in central London. My most recent Exhibitions include: 2019 The Wolverhampton Art Gallery “International Woman’s Year” ‘Painted Ladies’ presents 20th century paintings depicting women painted by female artists from the Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s Public Collection. 2018 Zetter Hotel Painting Exhibition. 2017 Graduate Ceramics Show at the Business Design Centre Islington. 2017 Ceramics Show at Candid Arts Trust, London.

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